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Nova edição - Brazilian Review of Finance (Revista Brasileira de Finanças)

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Brazilian Review of Finance
Vol 10, No 1 (2012)
Table of Contents

Brazilian Review of Finance 2011 Editorial Report (1-5)
        Ricardo Pereira Câmara Leal

Financial Stability and Market Structure: International Evidence (7-29)
        Marcos Soares da Silva, José Angelo Divino

The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Emerging Markets Sovereign Spreads (31-48)
        Katia Rocha,    Ajax Moreira

Volatility Estimation and Forecasting During Crisis Periods: A Study
Comparing GARCH Models with Semiparametric Additive Models (49-70)
        Douglas Gomes dos Santos,       Flávio Augusto Ziegelmann

Measuring the Spread Components of Oil and Gas Companies from CDS (71-104)
        Juliano Ribeiro de Almeida,     Guilherme Ribeiro de Almeida

Employee Stock Options Plans and the value of Brazilian Companies (105-147)
        Fernanda Finotti Cordeiro Perobelli,    Bruno de Souza Lopes,   Alexandre Di
Miceli da Silveira

Corporate Governance and Information Incorporation Speed: Lead-Lag between
the IGC and IBrX (149-172)
        José Carneiro da Cunha Oliveira Neto,   Otávio Ribeiro de Medeiros,     Thiago
Bergmann de Queiroz

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