segunda-feira, junho 14, 2010

32º Meeting of the Brazilian Econometric Society

32º Meeting of the Brazilian Econometric Society

Gran Hotel Stella Maris Resort & Conventions
December 8, 2010 – December 10, 2010

The Brazilian Society of Econometrics (SBE) is a non-profit civil entity whose members include professors, researchers, graduate students and other professionals engaged in the analysis and application of quantitative methods in economics and finance. SBE has 1,100 members and it is the major association of economists in Brazil. Among SBE members there are the most renowned and influential economists of Brazil. Since its establishment in 1979, SBE has made every endeavor to further develop the economic science in Brazil. In addition to the Brazilian Meeting of Econometrics, SBE also organizes regional meetings, offers training courses to graduate students and economics professors, and is responsible for the publication of the Brazilian Review of Econometrics.

This year, SBE will be holding the 32º Brazilian Meeting of Econometrics, from December 08 to 10, in Gran Hotel Stella Maris Resort & Conventions. This event is designed mainly for those who use quantitative methods in economics, but it is open for the academic and scientific public at large, and also for technicians and professionals in this field. The traditional structure of the event is going to be maintained, including Ordinary Sessions for the presentation of scientific papers; Lectures and Special Sessions with international guests, in addition to one short course. These two short courses have become a routine feature of the annual meetings promoted by SBE, each year covering different topics, and contributing towards recent improvements in economic research.

Paper Selection Committee - Coordination

Fernando Augusto Veloso, Ibmec/RJ, Brazil
Daniel Domingues dos Santos, Veris Educacional S/A, Faculdade de Economia e Finanças IBMEC

Selection Applied Macroeconomics

Filipe R. Campante, Harvard Kennedy School
Daniel Rocha Sanches, Washington University
Rafael Lopes de Melo, University of Chicago
Tiago C. Berriel, Princeton University

Selection Applied Microeconomics

Gregório Caetano, University of Rochester
Helena Perrone, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
José Gustavo Féres, IPEA
Leandro Siqueira Carvalho, RAND Corporation

Selection Econometrics

Cecília Machado, Columbia University
Flavio Augusto Ziegelmann, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Leandro Magnusson, Tulane

Selection Finances

Daniel Carvalho, USC Marshall School of Business
Daniel Ferreira, London School of Economics
Márcio Poletti Laurini, Ibmec São Paulo e Imecc-Unicamp, Brazil

Selection Economic Theory

Daniel Gottlieb, University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Monte, Simon Fraser University
Gil Riella, UnB