quinta-feira, setembro 16, 2010

Mini-curso de R - Estatística Unicamp

Mini-curso de R


Dos dias 16 a 21 de setembro o departamento de Estatística da UNICAMP contará com a presença do professor Dr. John W. Emerson de Yale University, USA - Department of Statistics.
Para maiores informações sobre as áreas de pesquisa do professor. Veja

O programa das atividades é resumido em um Mini-curso sobre R com aplicações:

CONFERENCE TITLE: Topics in Data Analysis and Computational Statistics with R

SHORT CONFERENCE SUMMARY: This mini-conference will cover a wide range of topics at many different levels. First, a data analysis case study will provide an enjoyable exploration of nationalistic bias in Olympic judging, demonstrating the strengths of the R environment for work in applied statistics. The core sessions will introduce essential aspects of the R programming environment and advanced features of the package management system (including the C/C++ interface). The
concluding session will address scalable strategies for computing with massive data sets. Topics within the sessions will include Bayesian change point analysis; parallel programming with shared memory; and a few massive data examples (the Netflix data; the Airline On-time Arrival data; and efficient Landsat satellite data management with R).

Sala 253

14h00 Opening Data Analysis Case Study: "A Study of Olympic Judging."
Audience: anyone, wide audience, accessible to both students and researchers)

15h30 Coffee Break

16h00 Conference Overview: A preview of topics to be covered in the subsequent talks.
Audience: anyone who might come to any of the talks Monday/Tuesday.

Sala 253

10h00 "Programming in R" -- an advanced introduction to the essentials of the R language.
Audience: anyone interested in R; not intended for advanced R users, though they are welcome.

14h00 "Bayesian Change Point Analysis and the R Package Management System."
Audience: some people with an interest in change point analysis, but also an important talk for R users and developers interested in the package management system and the C/C++ interface and parallel programming. Possible interest from bioinformatics and biostatistics and econometrics.

15h30 coffee Break

Sala 253

10h00 "Scalable Strategies for Computing with Massive Data Sets: The Bigmemory Project." Audience: R package developers and users with massive data sets or interested in topics relating to high-performance computing.

Pena que não vou poder ir, gostaria muito de assistir o seminário sobre o projeto Bigmemory.