sexta-feira, julho 17, 2009

Leitura do Dia - Python for Uni fied Research in Econometrics and Statistics

Python for Unified Research in Econometrics and Statistics
Roseline Bilina and Steve Lawfordy

Department of Economics and Econometrics, ENAC, France.
July 4, 2009

Python is a powerful high-level open source programming language, that is available for multiple platforms. It supports object-oriented programming, and has recently become a serious alternative to low-level compiled languages such as C++. It is easy to learn and use, and is recognized for very fast development times, which makes it suitable for rapid software prototyping as well as teaching purposes. We motivate the use of Python and its free extension
modules for high performance stand-alone applications in econometrics and statistics, and as a tool for gluing di erent applications together. We give details on the core language features, which will enable a user to immediately begin work, and then provide practical examples of advanced uses of Python. Finally, we compare the run-time performance of extended Python against a number of commonly-used statistical packages and programming environments.

A caixa de ferramentas de qualquer pesquisador aplicado vai ter mais que uma linguagem de programação, e uma coisa importante em cada linguagem é a velocidade de desenvolvimento e a facilidade de comunicação com outras linguagens. Nesses dois aspectos python é top.