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Leitura do Dia - Objections to Bayesian statistics

Objections to Bayesian statistics

Andrew Gelman
Abstract. Bayesian inference is one of the more controversial approaches to statistics. The fundamental objections to Bayesian methods are twofold: on one hand, Bayesian methods are presented as an automatic inference engine, and this raises suspicion in anyone with applied experience. The second objection to Bayes comes from the opposite direction and addresses the subjective strand of Bayesian inference. This article presents a series of objections to Bayesian inference, written in the voice of a hypothetical anti-Bayesian statistician. The article is intended to elicit elaborations and extensions of these and other arguments from non-Bayesians
and responses from Bayesians who might have di erent perspectives on these is-
Keywords: Foundations, Comparisons to other methods

Eis um artigo interessante - um renomado bayesiano incorporando a visão de um hipotético crítico anti-bayesiano:

The present article is unusual in representing a Bayesian's presentation of what he
views as the strongest non-Bayesian arguments. Although this originated as an April
Fool's blog entry (Gelman, 2008), I realized that these are strong arguments to be taken
seriously|and ultimately accepted in some settings and refuted in others.


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